Do You Know About The Benefits Of Mulch?

Adding mulch to your landscaping beds has several benefits. Today, your trusted landscaping company in Fort Collins, Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation, is here to explore those benefits. Ready to start your project? Connect with us through our site or give us a call.

benefits of mulchThe Benefits Of Installing Mulch

  • Protect the root systems of your plants from heat and cold damage.
  • Retain moisture and reduce the need for watering your plant materials.
  • Add valuable nutrients to your soil.
  • Reduce weed germination in the landscape bed.
  • Create a clean and aesthetically pleasing landscape bed that allows your plants to stand out.

It is important to point out that you shouldn’t let mulch build up around tree trunks and shrubs as it can damage them.

How Often Should You Mulch?

You should have Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation install mulch in your landscaping beds every one to three years depending on the needs of your specific landscaping site and your budget.

Different Types Of Mulch

There are several options for mulch. The most common types of mulch are Fertimulch and Bark.

  • Fertimulch is darker, has finer particles, and gives your soil nutrients as it decomposes.
  • Bark is a much larger and lighter red or brown particle and is typically less expensive. It also controls weeds a little better than Fertimulch.

Mulching your landscaping beds on a regular basis will provide the single most noticeable difference in the way your landscaping looks. Do you need your landscaping mulched? Give us a call today.