Don’t Make These Lawn Watering Mistakes

Lawn Watering MistakesYou probably know that your lawn needs water to grow healthy and green, but improper watering techniques can actually do your grass more harm than good. The most common lawn care mistakes homeowners make are often related to one of three aspects of lawn irrigation.

Amount of Water

The amount of water you put on your yard at any given time can make all of the difference. Too much water will drown the roots and kill the grass, but too little will result in a shallow root system that cannot withstand the typical wear resulting from the hot sun, inclement weather, and foot traffic. For a healthy and strong lawn, you need to find the proper balance.

Time of Day

Many homeowners make the mistake of watering at the wrong time of day, which can waste water besides doing nothing for the health of your lawn. Don’t water in the middle of the day when outdoor temperatures at are a peak high and the sun is shining down on your grass. The water will likely evaporate before soaking into the roots. Avoid midday watering even in mild temperatures and overcast weather to prevent having a damp lawn in the evening, which can cause issues with disease and insect infestation. The best time to water your lawn is early morning.

Watering Frequency

Some homeowners assume that watering more often will keep their lawns healthier, so they water every day with smaller amounts of water each time. These ultra-frequent watering habits can actually be detrimental to your lawn because consistent, short waterings can contribute to a shallow root system, soil compaction (which keeps moisture from penetrating deep enough into the root system), and various other damages. The typical lawn should be watered once or twice a week.

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