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Do you dream of having the perfect garden? Do you look at your yard and wish that there was some beauty in it? Have you been thinking about garden landscaping? Royal Turf, a landscape and irrigation company based in Loveland, CO, wants to share some ideas to help you landscape your garden.

Garden Design

As there are dozens of avenues for creating the best landscape garden design, give us a call to chat about the best way to go about it. Flowers, herbs, tree’s and other bushes all bloom in different months of the year and look better when combined correctly and the proper design helps achieve optimum color along with an efficient landscape.


Flowers light up your garden with splashes of color that contrast with the repetitiveness of seeing green. Flowers allow you to spice up your garden with a variety of colors. You can pick three or four flowers that would look good together to make your yard look vivid. Also, flowers provide a focal point for people to look at when they walk or drive past. If you have colorful flowers, then it’s more likely that people will notice your vibrant yard.

Herbs & Veggies

If you aren’t much of a flower person, then spice up your yard with some vegetables and herbs. An array of beautiful vegetables and herbs will allow you to have that splash of color in your yard as well as give you sustenance. There is nothing better than eating out of your own garden, whether it’s herbs, spices, or vegetables. What’s also neat about vegetables and herbs is that they all come in different colors, beside green. If you plant some tomatoes, thyme, onions, or dill, then you’ll have a vibrant garden that you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal from.


Weeds are a garden’s enemy, so remember to keep this in mind as you care for your’s. Weeds creep into your garden, so it can be difficult to keep the maintenance up for it. Luckily, we also offer other landscape services to help with keeping those weeds under control. In addition, we recommend that you use environmentally friendly weed control, so you don’t get your family, friends, or pets sick.

At Royal Turf, we want to ensure that our lawn landscaping services are the best they can be. If you are looking for reliable landscape services, then contact (970) 239-0062 and get an estimate today.