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At Royal Turf Landscape, a landscaping company based in Loveland, CO, we specialize in landscape services and irrigation. We offer a wide variety of services that range from landscaping, hardscaping, and sprinkler systems.

In addition, we do landscape renovations to make your yard look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Recently, pergolas have come into significant popularity. These structures perfectly allow for you to enjoy the outdoors in the shade or when it’s less than ideal outside. These structures are excellent for year-round weather because it will always keep you cool or to keep you insulated when it’s colder outside. Learn how a pergola can add to your yard.

What Is A Pergola?

A pergola is a freestanding structure that is placed within the landscape. Usually, they give shade to a pathway in your yard and cover your patio or entertaining space outside. This structure can have a solid roof or it can be slatted and open on both sides.

What Will It Add To My Yard?

There are many benefits to having these structures in your yard. First, it creates a great area to entertain people outside. If you already have a patio, then this covering makes a great, comfortable area without having to add any additional outdoor coolers or heaters. These structures also add to and extend your area outside, as well as increase the amount of time you spend outside. Pergolas give off light shade and will protect you and your guests from rain.

Different Design Options

Wooden pergolas are the most popular at the moment. If you don’t like wood, then there are fiberglass and vinyl you are able to choose from. There are also a few options you can use to create the roof of your pergola: covered or slatted. There are benefits to either option, so think about what you like better: a more shaded area or with the sun peeking in through the cracks.

Before you make any major decisions, take into consideration what you desire your outdoor space to be. If you are looking to renovate your yard and are looking for a landscape construction service, then contact (970) 239-0062.