Sprinkler System Installation

Sprinkler system installation landscaping company fort collins lovelandHere at Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation, we strive to provide only the best sprinkler system installation and repair services to Fort Collins, Loveland, and surrounding Northern Colorado areas. We offer a five-year factory warranty on all installed sprinkler parts, and our sprinkler system installation comes with a four-year guarantee.

Sprinkler System Installation That’s Perfect For Your Landscape

Did you know that most Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation sprinkler systems are installed in just a day or so? We know how annoying it can be for a company to leave its unsightly materials and equipment all over your yard overnight, so we strive to do just the opposite. Throughout our years as a landscaping company, we’ve been able to refine our process to such a degree that we can get your sprinkler system installed by the end of the work day. This allows you to enjoy years of problem-free, efficient service from your Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation experts.

Clean & Professional Services

Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation can install your sprinkler system with little disturbance regardless of whether you just moved into a new home or you already have an established lawn. Any disruption that is caused from our sprinkler installation will heal itself within a matter of weeks. Have pre-existing borders? Retaining walls? Fencing? Don’t worry. We can work around those things and other landscaping features. Plus, in most cases, replanting and reseeding will not be necessary. This means that you’ll get to keep your existing yard.

Call In The Professionals

We’ve been installing sprinkler systems for a while now, and we know exactly what we’re doing. Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation is reliable, prompt, and efficient. Give us a call today to start your project!