Tips For Landscaping High Traffic Areas

Landscaping High Traffic AreasWhen it comes to keeping your lawn looking good, it may take more than regular watering and fertilization. Areas of your lawn that experience a large amount of foot traffic may benefit from a new landscape or hardscape design as well.

Thoughtful landscape design and hardscaping can turn your struggling yard into a thriving, fun, and functional area.

Landscaping/Hardscaping Tips For High Foot Traffic

Consider Lawn Alternatives

If a specific area in your lawn experiences excessive foot traffic, such as the area under and surrounding your children’s playground, you may consider simply removing the grass from that area and replacing it with something else. Alternatives such as mulch, rubber mulch, gravel, and synthetic grass will all stand up to little feet playing on it better than your grass will.

Install Properly-Zoned Automatic Sprinklers

A properly designed and zoned automated irrigation system can help keep your lawn healthy enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic. When your lawn is receiving the correct amount of water at the correct time, the grass is able to develop a strong root system. In addition, proper zoning will prevent overwatering, which can cause soil compaction and consequential lawn issues.

Well-Designed Hardscape

Some heavy traffic areas develop from people and pets taking shortcuts through the lawn rather than sticking to the walkway. A well-designed hardscape can replace this area with walkways and even patios depending on location, size, and your personal hardscape desires.

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