Installation Of Water Efficient Technologies

Water Efficient Laws Lanscaping company fort collins lovelandOne of the best features of Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation’s sprinkler system installation is that we strive to include the latest water efficient technologies so that you can save water and money.

You Won’t Send Money Down The Drain With Our Sprinkler System Installation

With our climate changing and droughts happening all around the country, efficient water management is more important than ever. Automated irrigation and sprinkler systems are one of the most efficient ways to keep your lawn and landscape beautifully green while minimizing water waste, keeping your utility bills low and protecting the environment.

Take the time now to evaluate your current sprinkler system or however you irrigate your lawn and landscape. Could it be more efficient? Could you be saving money and water?

Smart Installation Of Water Efficient Technologies

Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation only uses components with our sprinkler system installation that provide the greatest flexibility. Your system should allow you to use the most effective methods possible to apply the correct amount of water, depending on the types of plants and their requirements.

We also comply with the National Plumbing Code for all irrigation systems, meaning that we make sure to include the right backflow prevention device for our specific area. This ensures that no irrigation system water contaminates the water supply in our area.

Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation can also install irrigation controllers, which easily allow you to control and adjust your sprinkler system’s watering schedule to fit all types of watering needs.

Call Royal Turf Landscape & Irrigation today to ask us about our water efficient technologies and sprinkler system installation! We can’t wait to get your project started.